What Should Be in Your Kid’s Travel Bag

I’ve come across fashion magazines and blogs wherein they lay out the contents of a certain celebrity’s purse and describe each item in detail. That being said, this inspired me to do a ‘What’s in Your Bag?’ kind of post – kiddie edition!

Children can be fidgety and restless during flights, especially for long-haul ones. Keep them entertained by stuffing in these exciting objects in their own carry-on luggage or bag:

Isabella, Changi Airport, Trunkies, Travel

The only pic I had with their trunkies and carry on luggage. Isabella and Elijah always would bring their own carry on luggage filled with their clothes, toys, books etc

Chewy candies

Nothing like a sweet treat to soothe a crying toddler. Aside from providing a quick sugar fix, it helps the ears ‘pop’ during takeoff and landing and lessens ear ache. What I really love about the Immigration checkpoints in Singapore Changi Airport, are the little sweets they have! Eli would take at least 2 most of the time.

Books and/or magazines

It’s never to late to introduce the beauty of the written word. Bring your child to the bookstore and let him/her pick out a book of his liking to be read during the trip. This would also be a great bonding session when you start discussing about their thoughts on the storyline and its characters.

Board Games and/or toys

Recently, my kids at 7 and 4 have taken a liking for snakes and ladders. So we would have it packed into a ziplock bag as the dice can get lost really easily. Tic-tac-toe is something they adore. This is good, old-fashioned fun. Cuddly soft toys for hugging. My kiddos have been bringing Peppa Pig and George for their trips and they love to role play with them.

Mess-proof Art Materials

Some kids are better off busy with their hands. Put their creativity to good use by packing in coloured pens and these printable activity sheets from Jetstar for a hours of endless educational fun.

Tablet with Headphones

This particular one is not really my favourite. When all else fails, whip out the tablet and plug them in to the virtual world. Make sure that you load it up with their favourite movies or shows that are enough to last them until the end of the flight!


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