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Oh Japan, the land we’ve all heard of and delight in. Strong in spirit, rich in culture, the country shines in her fascinating contrasts of modern and traditional, order and innovation. It’s amazing how many of us have never stepped foot into Japan, yet have fallen in love with much of her warmth, dreamlike vistas, and an approach to life that is uniquely Japanese. And if you need further convincing, here are five reasons why we should book these Air-Inclusive Packages to Japan by Diners World Travel now, ranging from Free & Easy to Guided Tours. Discover the Magic of Japan below! There’s even a promo code for you at the end of the post!

1. Distinct Heritage Experiences


The onsen experience that cleanses and calms.

Culturally, Japan is unquestionably rooted in her religious influences, and being part of the rich cultural bounty of Asia, Japan offers a distinct heritage experience for all visitors. Have a stay at a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), and experience the hospitality and culture away from blinking neon lights and commercial skyscrapers. Sit comfortably in a cozy yukata (traditional Japanese robe) on a tatami (woven Japanese mat) and enjoy a comfort pared down to the bare essentials. In Kyushu, where onsen (hot springs) line the area, you will love ending the day with a relaxing steam bath, an experience that is second to none! Here, the emphasis is on appreciating the slowness of the rituals, designed to cleanse the body and spirit through the onsen experience. Spend some time in the serenity of her shrines, signature of the Zen way of living that the Japanese have come to be associated with. Truly, a vacation need not be all fuss and buzz, and a well-planned itinerary can rejuvenate even the most jaded traveller. Choose the 4D3N Fukuoka Special Excursion Package (Free and Easy) to traipse the scenic grounds of Japan on your own, or join the 5D4N Around Kyushu Special Excursion Package for a more designated experience on the backstories of Japanese heritage. Either way, you’ll get to experience Japan in her full cultural glory with Diners World Travel.


The magnificent Matsumoto Castle in Nagano, one of the four ‘National Treasures of Japan’.

If steam baths aren’t to your fancy, the architecturally magnificent castles will awe surely. One of four castles designated as ‘National Treasures of Japan’ and the oldest castle donjon remaining in Japan, Matsumoto Castle is a heritage landmark of grandeur. Stroll along the beautiful moats in spring and be enthralled by the full bloom of the cherry blossoms! Alternatively, enjoy the glorious cherry blossom season at Osaka Castle in the 4D3N Osaka Special Excursion Package (Free and Easy), and take a cruise around historical sites. It’s history in its most impressive preservation.

2. Gastronomic Adventures

Japan is well-loved for her cuisines with the epitome of fresh ingredients and sublime attention to the cooking and preparation of food.  Her food alone is reason enough to visit and centre your days around her gastronomic delights! The land is blessed with nature’s best gifts of clear oceans and bounties of seafood, so don’t leave Japan without a visit to their wholesale seafood markets, the source of all good sashimi and sushi! The Sapporo Central Wholesale Market is famed for its bustling activities and quality of the seafood, so do check out the 4D3N Hokkaido Special Excursion Package for a guided shopping trip there.

There is also a dizzying number of eateries with local delicacies dotting the streets. The Japanese are well-known for their attention to the finest details and insistence on the finest ingredients. Whether you are looking for something humble or artisan, simple or exquisite, you can be sure your meals will be immensely satisfying. Look out for the quintessential Japanese hotpot or nabe, popular yakitori, always-comforting ramen, hearty tonkatsu-ya and the well-known tempura – all easily available yet unique in its culinary execution and presentation. Most Singaporeans will be familiar with Japanese cuisine, but it is something quite different to sit in an authentically Japanese sushi eatery grabbing plates off the conveyor belt amidst friendly banter in Japanese!

3. Nature’s Wonderlands

There is something magical about Japan’s natural landscape that transcends boundaries. The land is adorned with cultivated gardens filled with dreamy bamboos, ancient trees, picturesque water lily ponds with the scenic backdrop of stoic temples and pagodas. Japan’s gardens are the manifestation of an investment in nature, one that showcases the natural harmony of elements like rocks, pebbles, greenery, flowers, streams and ponds with architectural accents such as pavilions and shrines.

Soak in the rustic splendour of the lavender fields in Hokkaido.

Lavender fields in Hokkaido.

It isn’t all just green and refined. In the 4D3N Hokkaido Special Excursion Package, you may even be able to soak in the purple fragrant splendour of rustic lavender fields, a scent you may never forget. In winter, visit Osaka with the 4D3N Osaka Special Excursion Package (Free and Easy) and be charmed by another side of Japan, a beautifully stark wintery landscape.

osaka winter

White wintry Osaka.

4. People Power

While largely modernised, many Japanese are still rooted in their traditions.

While largely modernised, many Japanese are still rooted in their traditions.

A land’s nothing without her people. More than once, we’ve heard how the Japanese are exemplary of respect, discipline, meticulousness, tenacity and simplicity. See how they have kept trains running on time all the time. Be charmed by their welcoming manner to travellers and locals alike. Witness the careful innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in their setups and products. Be inspired by how they have bounced back with tenacity and hope to lift one another up in kindness and love. If you’ve only a few days to spare, you can still experience unparalleled hospitality of the Japanese in the famous bustling capital in Tokyo with the 4D3N Tokyo and Disney Resort Package (Free and Easy). You will want to be there in Japan to experience the incredible warmth of the Japanese.

5. Efficient Japan Rail Pass

Exclusive to foreign tourists only, the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) is a great timesaver and one of the most cost effective for long distance train travel in Japan. Affordably priced, the pass offers unlimited use of Japan Rail trains for one, two or three weeks at an unparalleled cost that residents of Japan will hanker for. As the Japan Rail Pass is not available for sale inside Japan, you will have to purchase it before your arrival to Japan. Diners World Travel is one of the authorized travel agents that sells these JR Passes, and you can be assured of seamless travel with the packages they have to offer.

In the 5D4N Shikoku Special Excursion Package and 5D4N Hokuriku Shinkansen Special Excursion Package, you will fully experience the luxury of high speed, low cost and great comfort travel using the JR Passes. Delight in the scenic sights during the rides and experience the diversity of the different cities, all in five days!

Gondola Ski Lift

Gondola Ski Lift in winter.

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