The Soup Spoon | Blessed 14th birthday

Blessed 14th birthday!

What an amazing journey it has been, one that is simultaneously filled with tears, laughter, joy, heartaches and heartwarming moments. I have been greatly blessed and I want to thank every single one of you who have soupported us over the years! Of course, things have not exactly been smooth sailing. We had our ups and downs, but the journey thus far had been an amazing one. Most importantly, our brand ambassadors, our staff at The Soup Spoon, and our beloved souperholics, we owe everything to you and thank you from the bottom of our heart. I feel really blessed to have been able to come far. There had been many naysayers when we started our business from a hole in a wall 500 sq ft place @rafflescitysg smirking us that we would fail. Thank you to the landlord for believing in us, giving us a chance although we had no experience but just passion and a dream to be “The Starbucks of Soups”. We feel incredibly humbled by all the soupport of our family and friends who came and helped out on the first day and I could still vividly remember there were more staff a.k.a friends than customers.  Thank you to the journalist Magdalene from @straits_times who featured us in the Sunday Life section who pretty much introduced us to the rest of Singapore.

These 14 years had seen us travel to many countries, exploring culture and food. Food forms a narrative of our lives. We are not so much what we eat, but what we remember we have eaten. This is exactly why we decided to run the Souper Fans’ Choice Awards 2016. All these soups have been featured before as Souper Inspirations, some as recent as last year and some as far as ten years back. Many of you who have tried these soups have have had fond memories of them, and together, we reminisce about our travels, childhood and special shared moments with loved ones at our soup kitchens. More than just chef’s specials, this collection of soups tells of my culinary journey around the world, to our kitchen, to you.

Wishing The Soup Spoon a very happy birthday and thank you for making my dreams and aspirations come true! !

Blessed 14th birthday

Wishing The Soup Spoon a blessed 14th birthday and may you continue to grow from strength to strength while staying true to your dreams and aspirations to be “The Starbucks of Soups”

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The World In One Kitchen, from our travels inspirations !

The World In One Kitchen, from our travels inspirations !



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