The Crucial Checklist: 6 Things You’ll Need Before You Travel

Travelling has and will always be one of the constant things in my life. These days, with budget carriers, our dreams to see the world, fulfilling our wanderlust desires have become very real. We can now all be inspired, renewed with new sights, sounds and flavours,  all—without burning a hole in our pocket. Like any wise and seasoned traveller, we travel budget whenever we can. At times, I even find browsing for flights at Jetstar quite therapeutical at times, as it inspires me to decide on my next destination.

Prepping for a trip is another story. Whenever I fly alone or with the family, I always make sure that I got the basic and important things covered for a stress-free travel experience. I do, however, procrastinate at times and it would be a mad rush at the end, a week before flying off, and I have not done my to-do list!

Below is a fool-proof guide I use that would remind myself and perhaps you would find it useful!

Kids aleep in car, Travel, child seat

Something really important when travelling with kids. Ensure you know the law requirements for kids safety in the car, booster seat or child seats its own straps .

Get to know your destination

New sights, tastes and experiences can start before you’ve even left home. We introduce the destination to the kids by watching movies related to the country, showing them maps or planning activities with them. Research is key. Now with travel blogs and tourism boards putting lots of helpful information out, it does make planning a lot easier.

Pack snacks

As you may know, I make my own healthy snacks. It’s always recommened to bring food for your child in your carry-on baggage to save costs. If you’re crunched for time, there is always light food available for purchase on flights. Jetstar, for example, has an option where passengers can pre-purchase meals at their manage booking section on their website.

Secure travel visas

Do check whether there is visa requirement. For our Perth trip, we almost forgot and that would have been disastrous! Always make sure to contact the embassy or consulate of your destination for requirements and processing timelines.

Don’t pass on the passport

For international travel, everybody needs a passport. Ensure that your passpost’s expiration date has at least 6 months left before your planned departure. This has happened to hubs. He was denied going on the plane with his sister when he was 16 as he has a passport that was just shy of 6 months. Airlines are pretty strict on this requirement.

 Travel insurance

I am a firm believer of buying travel insurance! On my trip to Germany last year, my baggage did not arrive with me as it was stuck in Istanbul where we did the transit. Thank God for insurance, as I was covered and they paid me a rate that would allow me to buy some clothes and toiletries until the luggage arrived. There could be other emergencies, though. So do tailor your family’s insurance to include coverage for emergencies. Jetstar offers travel insurance with AIG. Simple, fast and convenient! Perfect for travelling with the family.

Foreign currency 

For more bang on your buck, it’s often better to arrange currency exchange before you travel. Be aware that different rates may mean you’ll spend more with some companies. I loved the Indian money changers. They definitely have the best rate, much better than what the banks would offer!

Campervan, kids, perth

Kids having fun while being buckled up in Perth. Safety first for the family.

**We are stoked to partner Jetstar for our #TssTakeMeToPerth campaign where they have kindly offered 3 pairs of tickets to Perth and also travel vouchers on Jetstar. This as such is a sponsored post. Nonetheless, the opinions reflected here are my own.





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