Souperinspiration | Aussie Barramundi Chowder with Dill

My souperinspiration: Aussie Barramundi Chowder with dill

During the family trip to Perth, I had the rare experience of cooking by the beach while the crashing waves played as my background music. Ah, bliss! I don’t mind doing it over and over again. While the kids were frolicking by the beaches near Margaret River, I was whipping up a salmon chowder that is filled with quinoa, dill and fennel in our campervan parked nearby. All I needed was a stove and a pot! The whole experience was indeed priceless. The salmon used here was Tasmanian, and it was indeed delicious. The verdict? Happy kids with hearty appetites bring joy and contentment to my heart. Glad that we captured their innocent faces lighting up enjoying spoonfuls of the chowder.

Isabella and Elijah, Margaret River, Dunsborough

Taking a pic before heading to the beach.

Chowder, Souperinspiration, Aussie, quinoa

Closeup of the chowder that inspired Souper Inspiration of June

Salmon chowder, Perth, souperinspiration

Kids enjoying every bit of the salmon chowder!

This experience has inspired me to make an Aussie barramundi with dill chowder. The main star of this soup is the barramundi fish. Not any kind of barramundi fish, but one that is bred locally off our Singapore coast in our clean waters. I am souper stoked to partner Kühlbarra for this Souper Inspiration who would be supplying us with fresh local fish (#supportlocalsg)! It’s not an easy feat since Singapore’s small land mass buys most of our fresh produce from our neighbours.

This type of fish is very similar to a Chilean seabass or snapper fish with its noticeably firm meat. On a healthy note, barramundi is low in fat and is high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, so you get additional nutritional consumption.

We have paired this heart-warming soup with sweet potato, corn, spinach, quinoa and dill. To make it truly Aussie, I mixed it with my favourite homemade dukkah as a flavourful condiment.

Aussie Inspired Barramundi chowder with dill

Aussie Inspired Barramundi chowder, with sweet potato, corn and dill


Ingredients: Kühlbarra barramundi fish, sweet potato, sweetcorn, fennel, dill, spinach, cream, red quinoa, red onions and fish stock made from barramundi bones

Condiment: Dukkah (roasted almonds, cumin, coriander, sesame seeds)

(Gluten-free/Egg-free/Contains dairy)

2 replies on “Souperinspiration | Aussie Barramundi Chowder with Dill

  • Isabella

    Hi, I really really enjoyed this soup and still fondly remember the taste of the soup even though it has been so long since i last had it. Do hope that it could be made a staple at The Soup Spoon! Thanks for making such an amazingly memorable and tasty soup!

    • SouperChef Anna

      Hi Isabella,
      Thank you for the note and we are really heartened by your soupport! Look out for our announcement on Facebook ( – we are getting customers to vote for their favourite Souper Inspirations soups so we can bring them back for a month! We hope that will relive your great memories should the soups you like be voted in! Thanks again! 🙂


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