SouperChef Anna’s Message | Souperfoods (HEARTY GRAIN SERIES)

SouperChef’s Message | Souperfoods (HEARTY GRAIN SERIES)

This month, let’s celebrate the humble, hearty grains! I don’t usually take carb-heavy food but I will never pass up a meal with wholesome whole grains! Long considered as a staple of our everyday diet, our local love story with rice is a familiar one. Beyond rice, from barley, corn to quinoa, how blessed are we to be able to enjoy nature’s bounty of these nutrient-dense and versatile grains!

In this month’s Souperfoods (Hearty Grain) SouperChef Specials, you’ll get the best of bold flavours and boosted nutritional benefits. Taste the nuanced grain profile and enjoy the health perks these souperfoods have to offer!



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