SouperChef Anna’s Message | Christmas 2016

Home for Christmas

What‘s your favourite Christmas memory? For me, it’s the family gathering in thanksgiving for the reason for the season. It’s cosy, crazy times at home with my loved ones. It’s decking our long dining wooden table in our own familiar ways, the napkins and cutlery quirkily out of place. It’s seeing my children enjoying second helpings of the Christmas feast, their hands stretched far across the table, a little greasy, stained with cranberry sauce. It’s home.

Love Festive Set

That’s why this year, it’s all about being home for Christmas, the best place to be! We’ve had some of the best holiday memories created in the haven of home, and we want you to enjoy that too! One of the greatest gifts you can give during the often whirlwind season is time, so let us do the hard work in the kitchen for you!

Delectable ham!

Absolutely delish, these drumlets with BBQ sauce!

We have created a merry menu with holiday must-haves like Roasted Stuffed Turkey with complimentary Yorkshire Pudding, Chicken Shepherd’s Pie and Honey Baked Ham, and family-friendly Christmas Pasta Salad, Cheesy Cocktail Sausages, Seafood Paella and Drumlets with BBQ Sauce, amongst others! All delicious and freshly cooked, ready to be delivered to your Christmas gathering at home.


And what’s a Christmas with The Soup Spoon without our SouperChef Specials? These soups are dear to me – the very start of the bubbling process is a precious reminder of how much we have been blessed by you, our dear customers, year after year. The Soup Spoon Union is also joining in the merriment this year with four Christmas dishes, all holiday-fancy yet affordable and wholesome. We have worked hard so you can play hard. From all of us at The Soup Spoon, we wish you the merriest Christmas, blessed and bright!

With lots of Love,

Souperchef Anna


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