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Souperchefanna Message : Taste Japan Round 3

During my first trip to Tohoku region last year, I must confess, I was filled with a lot of apprehension. I was unduly concerned about stepping into a region associated with danger after the nuclear and tsunami devastation. What inspirations could I possibly get? Will I be safe? Will the place be depressing? And guess what? Tohoku has completely charmed me. Her impossibly splendid scenery. Her glorious clear waters. Her tenacious, enterprising people who exude joy and peace. Her thriving family businesses and traditions centred around the bounty of the region. When it comes to stunning vistas, it’s truly hard to top the beauty of Tohoku. This year, we drove deep into the mountainous area of the Akita Prefecture in search of junsai, a coveted water plant that grows only in premium waters. We learned from the best of farmers and chefs who stayed true to their passions to bring new life to the art of Japanese culture in miso production and the cooking of traditional foods.

Taste Japan, Japan's Local Flavours To You - Featuring Tohoku!

Taste Japan, Japan’s Local Flavours To You – Featuring Tohoku!

Seeing how the people have bounced back so voraciously has greatly inspired me. So for the final installation of our Taste Japan campaign, we are souper stoked to bring to you three SouperChef Specials grounded in my memories and learning from Tohoku. Don’t miss our intimate glimpse into Japan – the best stories and pictures can be found in our e-magazine, available for free download. Share our soups and stories with your friends and family – this unique region of Japan deserves its spotlight. Together with Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO), we proudly present to you our third and final round of Taste Japan, Japan’s Local Flavours To You!

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