SouperChef Special | Quorn Nangka Stew

SouperChef Special |Quorn Nangka Stew

(Vegetarian | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free )

An iconic dish like the French Beef Bourguignon deserves an Asian + vegetarian rendition! I was amazed that the nangka/green jackfruit contains only 95 calories per half-cup, but is nutrient-dense with potassium, vitamin B and protein. I’ve added Quorn mycoprotein hotdogs so this is truly a protein powerhouse with a smoky flavour! Drawing further inspiration from the Yogyakarta jackfruit stew, this soup is a real vegetarian delight.

Ingredients for the Vegan Nangka Bourguignon.


Vegan Nangka Bourguignon – be pleasantly surprised by the texture of the jackfruit!


This, the jackfruit we all know!

Vegan Nangka Bourguignon, featuring the nangka or jackfruit


Ingredients: Vegetable stock (water, root vegetables, herbs), nangka (green jackfruit), carrots, potatoes, button mushrooms, tomatoes, sugar peas, French beans, Quorn mycoprotein (contains egg white), beancurd, goji berries, red onions, garlic, corn starch, herbs, spices

Condiments: Fried tempeh bits (fermented soy bean), chopped peanuts, chopped coriander



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