SouperChef Special | Souper K Mussel Chowder (Gojuchang Kimchi Mussel Chowder)

SouperChef Special | Souper K Mussel Chowder (Gojuchang Kimchi Mussel Chowder)

(Seafood | Contains Dairy | Contains Gluten | Spicy)

We love hearing your feedback on how much you were enjoying our soups featuring superfoods last month! Here’s a treat for you — another soup that has all things souper! Kimchi, miso and goguchang (hot spicy paste made from hot peppers) are Asia’s gems of superfoods, playing a central role in gut health, and it is no wonder that Koreans are keeping them as staples in their everyday diet.

Fermented and fresh goodness in the creation of Souper K Mussel Chowder (Gojuchang Kimchi Mussel Chowder).

I got inspired to use these superfoods in a chowder, one of my favourite forms of soups! Creamy, rich and substantial, chowder is the perfect one-dish comfort food for many, and with the health-giving properties of the ingredients, this is one soup you can never have too much of! If you have been to Korea, you might be familiar with the practice of adding rice at the end of a Korean steamboat or jjigae meal. This chowder is reminiscent of a Korean-style mui fan, a cross between carbonara, clam chowder and bibimbap.

Souper K Mussel Chowder (Gojuchang Kimchi Mussel Chowder)

Taste a kaleidoscope of flavours from this humble dish — sweetness from the mussels, sweet corn and fennel, spiciness from the gojuchang and chilli powder, a mix of savoury and sourness from the kimchi and a healthy dose of natural umami from the miso and gojuchang!


Red hot kimchi.




Spot the fermented souperfoods here!


Ingredients: Seafood stock (water, mussels, clams, fish bones), mussel meat, red rice, kimchi, fennel, gojuchang paste (contains soy sauce), potatoes, corn kernels, celery, chicken ham, red onions, cream, dashi stock, miso, ginger, chilli powder, herbs, spices


Condiments: Chopped spring onion, chilli powder, shredded seaweed, egg

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