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Samgyetang My Version



I love Korean ginseng chicken soup! At home, I make it with the traditional method of using a whole ginseng root and a whole chicken, stuffed with glutinous rice.

We went all out with the ingredients to make this Samgyetang My Version a nourishing feast for all!

Our rendition here uses tender marinated chicken pieces cooked with carrots, wolfberries, red dates, gingko nuts, chestnuts, a variety of oriental mushrooms and to thicken the broth and up the nutritional quotient, we have bulked it with short grain white and brown rice , glutinuous rice and soya beans. Taste the goodness of wolfberries that are high in antioxidants, and old ginger that dispels wind from the body to prevent rheumatism and aids digestion.

Samgyetang My Version

Koreans have a saying called ‘yi yeol chi yeol’ (이열치열) which loosely translates as ‘to fight the heat, you must fight it with more heat as well’. Typically eaten during the hottest summer months, it is believed that the high nutritional content replaces important vitamins and minerals lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion. How appropriate for our Singapore hot and humid weather! This soup particularly nourishes the liver and kidneys and helps boost blood circulation. Guaranteed to bring the radiance back to your cheeks!

Samgyetang My Version

Ingredients: Chicken stock (water, chicken, root vegetables, herbs), marinated chicken thigh, carrots, soya beans, red rice, glutinous rice, gingko nuts, red dates, ginseng, chestnuts, leek, oyster mushrooms, bunashimeji mushrooms, nato sprouts (big bean sprouts), whole garlic, ginger and wolfberries.

Condiments: Toasted black sesame seeds, chopped spring onion and onion ginger mix.


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