SouperChef Special | Peppery Beef Broth Tea

Peppery Beef Broth Tea

(Beef | Gluten-free | Dairy-free | Peppery)

Bak kut teh inspired! Literally translated to mean meat bone tea, the savoury rich stock with tender pork ribs is quite our national pride!

In our rendition, the Teochew-style peppery broth continues to shine with grass-fed beef. With rice cakes, mushrooms, Chinese yam and beancurd, you have a hefty and hearty soup meal!

Ingredients: Pepper broth (water, garlic, white peppercorns, ginger, dangshen, tangerine peel, mushroom powder, salt), grass-fed beef, white radish, carrots, Chinese yam, king oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, rice cakes, corn, lotus roots, enoki mushrooms, beancurd, leeks, garlic, red dates, salt, garlic powder, white pepper, Thai fish sauce

Condiments: Shredded lettuce

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