SouperChef Special | Lemony Chicken with Mustard

Lemony Chicken with Mustard

Contains Chicken | Contains Dairy | Contains Gluten


I always welcome flavour complexity in my food and I love how this turned out! The chicken is marinated in lemons and mustard, cooked in a milky broth of red and green peppers, button mushrooms, potatoes and carrots! So wonderfully tart, silky and smooth with a luxuriantly creamy broth!

Ingredients: Chicken stock (water, chicken, carrots, leeks, black pepper, bay leaves), marinated chicken thigh, potatoes, carrots, celery, penne pasta (durum wheat), lemons, green bell pepper, cream, red bell pepper, roasted pumpkin, button mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, onions, garlic, corn starch, salt, sugar, fish sauce, mustard, parsley.

Condiments: Mustard.


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