SouperChef Special | Chicken Buckwheat Miso Soup

SouperChef Special | Chicken Buckwheat Miso Soup

Chicken | Contains Gluten | Egg-Free | Dairy-Free (No longer dairy-free once condiment basil pesto is added)

Chicken Buckwheat and miso

I love soups all year round, especially brothy ones that are restorative and soothing. For generations, chicken soup has been a remedy of choice for mothers with sick children. Every culture makes one and each has its virtues, loved by both young and old. To me, chicken soup is a constant comfort, and I can’t help but experience a lingering nostalgia associated with my growing up years every time I tuck into a bowl of chicken soup. Chicken soup will always be special and etched in my heart and soul. After all, it is the very first soup I learned to make while I was studying in Perth.


This SouperChef Special is inspired by my love for chicken soup and soba noodles cooked in miso. It is light and delicately flavoured with a bit of ginger, then with miso to finish. Instead of soba noodles or egg noodles, I have used buckwheat to provide a hearty wholegrain boost that is an excellent source of fibre and magnesium. The basil pesto stirred in at the end provides the sweet, salty nuttiness that transforms this simple chicken soup into something quite extraordinary!


Ingredients: Marinated chicken thigh, buckwheat, potatoes, carrots, white radish, leek, soybean, black fungus, beancurd, onions, ginger, garlic, miso and soy sauce


Condiment: Basil pesto (contains parmesan cheese and nuts)

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