Souperchef Special | Beef With Imoni (Taro Balls) Nabe

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Souperchef Special | Beef With Imoni (Taro Balls) Nabe

(Beef/Contains Gluten/Egg-Free/Dairy-Free)

The beautiful space in Naa Restaurant.

The beautiful space in Naa Restaurant.

As a chef, one of my greatest indulgences is reading cookbooks at the dining table! There is just something luxuriating about thumbing through those glossy pages of fancy food, cooked and styled after months of refining the recipes. I was in Naa, a beautiful restaurant helmed by a very tall and dashing chef and farmer, when I chanced upon a recipe of Imoni Nabe in a cookbook displayed there. The Imoni Nabe is a hotpot dish, typically eaten during the colder months of autumn and winter in Tohoku. This hot stew usually includes beef, satoimo (Japanese taro root) and taro.

Beef Imoni Nabe with Taro

Looking at the ingredient list in the recipe, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the wonderful Taiwanese dessert, the taro balls I had in Jiufen! Hence, the traditional Imoni Nabe gets a fun spin with the addition of mashed taro balls, resulting in this healthy and hearty beef stew with miso and tofu! For even more punch, top it off with chopped spring onions!


Beef With Imoni (Taro Balls) Nabe

Presenting to you our Beef Imoni Nabe with Taro!

Ingredients: Marinated grass-fed beef, taro balls (taro and tapioca flour), tau kwa, dashi, shiro miso, shiitake mushrooms, white radish, ginger, onions, garlic, carrots, leeks, enoki mushroom, sugar peas, bunashimeji mushrooms, corn starch, sugar and salt.

Condiments: Chopped spring onions.










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