SouperChef Special | Barramundi Dill Chowder

SouperChef Special | Barramundi Dill Chowder 

Fish | Contains Dairy | Gluten-Free

This chowder was inspired by and adapted from my Perth campervan adventures in March 2015. My kids were playing on the beaches near Margaret River, and I cooked this chowder in our campervan parked nearby. Such a priceless experience!

Isabella and Elijah, Margaret River, Dunsborough

Taking a pic before heading to the beach.


Chowder, Souperinspiration, Aussie, quinoa

Closeup of the chowder that inspired this Christmas SouperChef Special!


Salmon chowder, Perth, souperinspiration

Kids enjoying every bit of the salmon chowder!


Barramundi is very similar to Chilean seabass or snapper with really firm meat, is low in fat and high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. We have paired it with sweet potatoes, corn, spinach, quinoa and dill. To make it a truly Aussie experience, this soup also features my favourite homemade dukkah as a condiment. The Christmas season is just about the best time to slow down for a delicate chowder like this!


Aussie Inspired Barramundi chowder with dill

Aussie Inspired Barramundi chowder, with sweet potato, corn and dill



Ingredients: Fish stock (water, fish, root vegetables, herbs), barramundi fish, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, fennel, dill, spinach, cream, red quinoa, red onions

Condiment: Dukkah (roasted almonds, cumin, coriander, sesame seeds)

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  • Lee Ron Florence

    My friends and myself have been waiting tirelessly for this soup to make its return.
    With our fingers crossed, we at least hope it can be made for packaged soup.


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