SouperChef Anna’s Message | Taste New Zealand Round 1

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Taste New Zealand Round 1

The Māori people of New Zealand


Close your eyes and think of New Zealand. What is the first image that pops up first or most vividly in your mind? To the fans of the trilogy Lord Of The Rings, this is the spectacular land that makes “Middle-earth” come to life with her deep fjords and massive expanses of empty landscapes. To the adrenaline-seekers, New Zealand is deservedly the adventure tourism capital of the world known for its lofty collection of places for bungee jumping, tandem skydiving and mountaineering, just to name a few. And who can forget her wines and vineyards? I can’t even begin to articulate what I love most about the country. As a foodie, at the heart of every trip was undeniably the food. The meals there provided much culinary inspiration for both my home cooking and what I would love to bring to The Soup Spoon. Yet, this question still stumped me: What exactly is the New Zealand cuisine? Is there even one to begin with?

The colours and freshness of New Zealand.

Talk about Korean cuisine and you’ll think of kimchi, gojuchang and its spicy jjigae. Speak of Italian food and you’ll start slurping up al dente spaghetti in your mind. Singaporean fare, as we all know, is the collective representation of our multi-racial tapestry, our immigrant history. But when it comes to New Zealand cuisine, I will confess that my mind struck a blank, void of distinct associations.

The hospitality from the dairy industry!

I suppose the simple answer to this is that there might not be one characteristic Kiwi cuisine! It may not have been as distinct, but the beauty of such a cuisine, to me, means every dish is a surprise and often, such a delight. The New Zealand Anchor Food Professionals team even scooped a silver medal at the 2016 Culinary Olympics, a giant leap in bringing the Kiwi cuisine to the world. Recollecting the glorious food I’ve had here, indeed each dish is marked by a seamless fusion of a medley of indigenous, colonial and global influences, capitalising on the proud freshness of the foods the country produces. And that’s a distinction not all cuisines can boast of!

The farm scene that inspired my thoughts, my soups.

This trip with Fonterra was a window into an intimate side of the country I’ve come to love so very much. Thankful, as always, for the opportunity to meet the people who have made the dairy industry what it is today. To many, the farming life is a romantic notion of green pastures and dreamy sheep, but the reality is a life built on passion, perspiration and protection. Farming and dairy is the backbone behind the entire country’s dining and living habits, an industry that needs us, as consumers, to respect and support more. And I’m glad, that in the search for authentic New Zealand cuisine, I have found much, much more.

The three SouperChef Specials you can look forward to!

We are souper stoked to partner Fonterra to bring you fabulous prizes, exciting giveaways, handy recipe cards and more! Two rounds of SouperChef Specials featuring Fonterra’s quality dairy, in particular the trusty and tasty Anchor products! We’ve even produced an e-mag if you want a good read with stunning pictures and recipes embracing the goodness of dairy! So, join us and Fonterra to Taste New Zealand, from grass to glass!




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