SouperChef Anna’s Message | SouperFoods 2021

SouperChef’s Message | SouperFoods 2021

Superfoods. Ah, that marketing magic word bestowed on nutrient-dense foods. I’m well aware that there isn’t a single food that “has it all”. But we’re blessed with many amazing, tasty foods worthy of the esteemed title!

This month, we explore these very Souperfoods in our SouperChef Specials. Stacked alongside our featured superfoods red rice, salmon and quinoa, are ingredients substantial and grand in their own right, cooked from scratch with time-tested recipes and with no nasties. We’re souper proud to present to you restorative and comforting SouperChef Specials that are both flavourful and filling. Feel souper from inside out!




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