SouperChef Anna’s Message | Souper Quornscious Round 1

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Souper Quornscious


Do you know:

  • By 2050, consumption of meat is expected to have risen 76 per cent against a 2005–07 baseline, compared with 40 per cent for cereals?
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock sector are estimated to account for 14.5% of the global total, more than direct emissions from the transport sector?
  • Beef and dairy are the most emissions-intensive livestock products, accounting for 65% of the total greenhouse gases emitted by livestock?

Source: THE ROYAL INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (CHATHAM HOUSE) (2014) ‘Livestock – Climate Change’s Forgotten Sector: Global Public Opinion on Meat and Dairy Consumption’ LivestockClimateChangeBaileyFroggattWellesley.pdf

Some very sombering statistics here as you can see! Having being in the food business for 17 years (yes, it’s sweet sweet seventeen for us this year!), I’ve certainly seen the demand for meat increase. And with the connectedness via the worldwide web, it’s also becoming more transparent to us the ins and outs of food production, particularly of conventional animal agriculture.

Going meat-free can be easy!

At The Soup Spoon, we’ve always believed in and advocated for sustainability, choosing like-minded suppliers and supporting our local farmers as much as we can. We are therefore so excited to introduce you to Quorn’s plant-based alternatives! Leveraging on ambitious innovation to produce incredible meat-like products from mycoprotein, a nutritious protein source derived from a naturally occurring fungus through the process of fermentation, you’ll find yourself enjoying healthier, more sustainable everyday meals! If you care enough about the devastation resulting from the world’s feasts of meat, but still prefer your bouncy muscular meat to earthy greens, you will be souper pleased with Quorn’s meat alternatives in our SouperChef Specials and even in our mainstay soups!

Spot the delicious Quorn products in our soup!

We’re not here to preach the gospel of vegetarianism, veganism or any of the trendy ‘ism’ there is out there. Ultimately, it’s a matter of choice. It’s a matter of acknowleging the issues our world is facing, the values we hold and how we may use them in small but significant ways to make the world last a little longer. As a company, we are committed to be more consistent in our choices and choosing to have more sustainable, meat-free offerings, being #SouperQuornscious is just the beginning. So we warmly invite you to join us in our sustainability journey — let’s all try to be #SouperQuornscious about our food choices and #Taste GoodChooseGood together!




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