SouperChef Anna’s Message | Random Musings 2019

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Random Musings 2019

My staff were all a little baffled when I suggested the month’s theme to be “Random Musings”. “Eh, Anna”, they asked, “What do you mean by random? Anything goes? No specific marketing angle or soups you want to promote?” Yes, anything goes indeed. And here’s why.


Ever since the inception of The Soup Spoon, my life has been highly structured, paced around the brand, scheduled around meetings, guilt mounting sometimes as I take time to rest. But I really don’t want to be perenially busy and lose my spark. I want to explore and experiment, get out a little and do things that aren’t business-specific. And so I did. I ran more, often choosing to take unfamiliar routes. I read more, because there is really nothing like words and stories to satisfy the curiosities of the mind and heart. I cut back on something I love — dairy. Not that there is anything wrong with dairy but given how much I love it, I wanted to see if I could live without it. So no more milk in my coffee, no more ice cream or froyo. And now I know why my friends love the lingering sweet-bitter depth of black coffee! Meat is almost gone from my meals now too, a little something on my part to cut down on the carbon footprint. It’s always about doing what I can for the betterment of something, without forcefully imposing my values or practices on my family or others.

Meat-free and always tasty Vegan Jambalaya!

I’m souper pleased with the results of my spontaneity! Being random does pay off! Would you like to join me in doing something random this May? Wear something that isn’t your usual style! Pick up a random book from the library and see if you like it! Try a food item you’ve never had before!

Souper K Mussel Chowder (Gojuchang Kimchi Mussel Chowder)

May you enjoy the SouperChef Specials I’ve chosen and created specially for you this month. These soups have my special mindshare for various random reasons, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone. Here’s to a month of inspiring spontaneity, joyful energy and happy random musings!

Grilled Corn Chowder Champon Style





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