SouperChef Anna’s Message | Red Dot Series

SouperChef’s Message | Red Dot Series

This morning, I had chee cheong fan and thosai for breakfast at my favourite Pek Kio Market. More specifically, while I was still deliberating over what to get, my son had ordered the smooth handmade dim sum and my husband had returned with plates of hot crispy thosai. Both my favourites! So we sat blissfully, sharing food, mildly salivating over the fragrant sesame oil and sprinkles of sesame seeds. A young family walked by and the littlest shyly pointed at our table—I realised later he loves the chee cheong fan too! And just like that, we clicked. Two families unknown to one another at first, we chatted animatedly over our favourite dishes in the market and I learned how the family honours traditions.

While food and all things culinary will always be my core interest, it’s the people who truly inspire me. In tight and dense Singapore, I’m thankful for the many opportunities to meet people who are fascinatingly interconnected. And this is how our friendship and partnership with Gardenasia and Kühlbarra began, as we come alongside our local farmers to celebrate their work and to support them, continuing our sustainability journey as a company.


A peek at the milieu of ingredients we used for this nourishing Chicken & Scallop Broth for the SG Soul

As National Day rings close and we celebrate in our reds and whites, may we remember that the well-being of the environment we live in begins with us. This month, I’ve created SouperChef Specials that scream Singapore, familiar, nostalgia. Will you find some time to sip these locally-inspired and locally-farmed fish soups with your family? Don’t miss our Lucky Draw and giveaways which include a farm stay, vouchers plus our own TSS bundle packs! Happy birthday, our Singapore! Remember that every sustainability effort goes a long way as we celebrate all things local and #TasteGoodChooseGood!



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