SouperChef Anna’s Message | Memories On The Table (Travel Series)

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Memories On The Table (Travel Series)

The simple takeaway pie.

As a frequent traveller, I may have eaten a myriad of meals at the ubiquitous diners and casual chains, fuss-free roadside stalls, and sometimes through the ingenious planning of my hosts and much coveted reservations, at prominent dining establishments. Yet looking back, it’s now hard to pin down detailed memory of specific meals or dishes, even though I used to take pride in my often-infallible ability to recall!

The comforting sit-down restaurant dinner.

Those that do stand out, however, have one thing in common — they tell a fine, enduring story. To me, food is very much a story in a bowl or on a plate. Good food enraptures you with the untold story — the creation of the dish, how it morphed with time and influences, the experience it seeks to invent, the invitation to linger over the table. And I’ve had the great honour of hearing many a story, tasting the quiet confidence of the food prepared by able and loving hands. Such food is complex, but uncomplicated: made with humble ingredients like peas and sweet potatoes, creating familiar tastes yet fresh in its approach, and always, always prepared with much care.

So this month, I warmly invite you to taste the storied lives of our three SouperChef Specials, inspired by my travel memories and tales gathered from the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. Savour these Memories On The Table with us as we reinterpret and recreate time-honoured recipes and well-loved stories through our soups. As always, we have plenty in store for you on social media and in our outlets! Enjoy these SouperChef Specials, from the world, to our kitchen, to you.

Mighty Kumara 2018 Edition

Ronald’s Mum’s Dutch Pea Soup Meatless Version



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