SouperChef Anna’s Message | Memories On The Table (SG Edition)

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Memories On The Table (SG Edition)

I’ve always loved May, the month of plenty when it comes to public holidays! Like most full-time working mothers, I especially cherish public holidays for the extended time to create and collect magical memories with my loved ones.

This May, I’ve gathered some of my favourite memories, transformed them into recipes for posterity. Grandpa’s Hainanese Beef Stew brings me back to my childhood days in Brunei, where the kitchen is always full and warm.

Memories on the table | Nanny's Javanese Opor Ayam

Memories on the table | Nanny’s Javanese Opor Ayam

You’ll love Nanny’s Javanese Opor Ayam, inspired by my kids’ nanny’s specialty. As always, I’ve prepared a vegetarian/vegan soup, this time a protein-rich Quorn Nangka Stew. Let’s tuck into nostalgia, into Memories On Our Table.

Vegan Nangka Bourguignon, featuring the nangka or jackfruit.




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