SouperChef Anna’s Message | Little Red Dot Series

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Little Red Dot Series

You know it’s nearing August when nostalgic classics and new catchy melodies go on loop on radio stations and TV commercials. I love it! My husband and I even have a Spotify playlist of our favourite patriotic songs that we barbecue and sing to during our annual dinner with our kakis! I’m also proud to report that I’ve never missed a single NDP since I came to Singapore in 1998! I wasn’t born here, and I still miss my hometown in Brunei every so often. But I call this place home and today, I’m never been prouder to be a Singaporean.

Beyond National Day with its cheerful clichés of fireworks and friendly tunes, Singapore presents itself as a place of opportunities, a land ripe for rapid changes, rewarding for early adopters of change. As an F&B entrepreneur, I’m souper stoked to be part of Singapore’s riveting progress in food technology! We are proud to be the first in the country to use the High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology for our Take-Home Soup Packs and Ready-To-Eat meals! This advanced food processing technology employs ultra-high pressure to kill food-borne pathogens in packaged refrigerated products, and since no preservatives or applied heat is used, food can be kept fresh longer while maintaining their taste and nutritional value! For a fast-paced country with a growing on-the-go community, this spells a transformative eating experience for many of us, and we are really excited!

Ginger Scallion Chicken – one of our RTE meals inspired by the local chicken rice! With HPP, you can enjoy these cooked-fresh meals in minutes!

I’ll never forget the words of Massimo Bottura: “Innovation is tradition in evolution”. As we reminisce about the tastes of yesteryears, we must also embrace changes that transform and improve. This August, I present to you three SouperChef Specials, each with its own spin on traditional local dishes, each with a story of innovation and evolution.

We’ve also partnered with Onlewo, a local lifestyle brand inspired by fond memories and sights of Singapore, to bring you whimsical products in our giveaways!

A sneak preview of the goodies we are bringing to you this August with our prize sponsor!

Together with you, my dear friends, I look forward to creating a Singapore with a food scene that is simultaneously traditional and transcendent, that reaches to the young and to the old, that is inclusive yet special. To Singapore, our homeland, happy birthday!






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