SouperChef Anna’s Message | Fantastic 16 (Round 2)

SouperChef’s Message | Fantastic 16 (Round 2)

He would have been 15 on his next birthday. I read that it’s a myth to multiply your dog’s age in human years by seven to get his age in dog years, but suffice to say, Junior was a grand old lad. He was wise and composed, almost sagely, if I could say so myself.

Quite the irony that as we celebrate The Soup Spoon’s #Fantastic16 this month, we are also mourning the loss of our fuzzy family member, Junior. My children couldn’t stop talking about him, every little anecdote of his quirks now amplified. What used to tick us off in the past are now memories that tickle, experiences that made us better pet owners. What used to charm us then are now endearing tales we tell to everyone who cares to listen, sometimes embellished a little by the children. As we gather in sorrow, I realise, with thanksgiving, that we also gather strength as a family. It’s been a month of many – many heartbreaks, many challenges but as always, many blessings too.

I’m reminded of how it’s that way with The Soup Spoon too. If you were to ask me 16 years ago how I’ll be celebrating her 16th birthday, I would have shrugged my shoulders, because…SIXTEEN? That’s like a Singaporean child old enough to take the ‘O’ Levels! What seemed completely impossible back then is now a dream come true, by God’s grace and the help of so many people. Those days of pulling 18-hour work days, seven days a week! They were a terror but looking back now, I’m thankful they made us tougher as a team. From a meagre number of soups on the menu to the hundreds of recipes we now rotate and continue to grow, we owe it all to you, our faithful customers.

Our brand new store at Harbourfront Centre!

I’ve learned that birthdays should be and must be celebrated, because we never know if the next one is ever coming. A little morbid, I agree, but life is odd this way. Let’s count our blessings and be thankful for each and every birthday. And who doesn’t love a little partying, lots of confetti, big slices of cake and just being merry? So come celebrate our #Fantastic16 with us! Enjoy the fabulous anniversary set meals we have curated for you, generous discounts and giveaways all through the months of June and July! And thank YOU. You are the reason we can be celebrating this birthday.



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