SouperChef Anna’s Message | Christmas 2019

SouperChef Anna’s Message |  Christmas 2019


If you were to have a dream Christmas feast, what will you wish for?

I thought long and hard about this dream feast. Only the best should make it to the list! They’d have to taste good, surely. I would very much want to choose good too, so celebrating the work of local farmers is one of my priorities. Amidst the holiday binging, I would like this dream feast to also be about healthful and mindful eating. And for my old soul, it’s hard to steer away from nostalgia and familiar, so I’d say, this fits the bill—A Feast of Traditions!

We begin with our very own traditions—Christmas SouperChef Specials! Our kitchen goes on souper turbo mode this season, bubbling up pots after pots of labourious but soul-warming creations that have come to be a part of your holiday traditions.

We are also working with local fish farmer, Kühlbarra, to bring you a new soup, Tuscan Barramundi Stew! There’s something intimate and elegant about having soup during Christmas. You can’t rush soup. It’s prepared slowly and has to be savoured slowly too. And isn’t that the essence and the beauty of the holiday gathering?

This year, you’ll also find our online Christmas menu a little more special than usual. Taking inspiration from the Christmas wreath that represents oneness, growth and eternity, we’re making brioche wreaths with beets miso hummus, so pretty it’s perfect as your table centerpiece!

You’ll be delighted to know that we are also using locally farmed kale in our salad and fresh chicken to make our popular Roast Chicken—our little ways to make your holiday feast sustainable. Look out too for our festive giveaways of spiced chickpeas, brownies, housemade granola and more!

Quite the dream feast, won’t you agree? So, head online to order A Feast of Traditions and head down to our stores to enjoy a slow soup meal! Gather your loved ones and may your Christmas be sweet and special, always peaceful and joyful. Merry Christmas from us all at The Soup Spoon!




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