SouperChef Anna’s Message | Celebrate Traditions 2020

SouperChef’s Message | Celebrate Traditions 2020

Call me traditional, but there’s something deeply warming about Chinese New Year that makes me homesick and sentimental like no other festivals. I remember our backyard that becomes an expansive playground and kitchen come Chinese New Year. The children would gather and chase one another, squeal and get away with the din we made. Food wasn’t in any way lavish like it is today, but it was always tasty and plenty to feed every one in the family happily. A few days into Chinese New Year and the feasting round the table would still continue, often with neighbours, friends and family from afar.

Reunions should be this simple and meaningful, with less fuss and fret! Like the previous years, we’ve created housemade soup stocks that will make your Chinese New Year dining a delightful breeze! Use them in your hotpots and simply add your favourite seafood and sliced meats for a luxurious reunion meal! Or get creative and use them as bases for quick but flavourful homecooked meals! We’ve considered your different palates and preferences so you’ll be able to find yummy and nutritious soup stocks for all your celebratory needs, complete with sauces to spice up your meals.

Enjoy our CNY SouperChef Specials, created specially with the tastes of home and comfort and a little opulence for the new year. Here’s wishing everyone a year filled with abundance and joy!



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