SouperChef Anna’s Message | Chinese New Year 2018

SouperChef Anna’s Message | New Year New You 2018

Some time ago, a friend shared with me that the Chinese New Year vibes in Singapore seem to be getting more and more muted over the years. The familiar new year tunes may still be booming loudly, the clothes are still as bright and festive and the decorations are still dangling proudly. However, when it comes to the much anticipated and important reunion feasts, many families have opted to eat out with fancy (and often pricey) menus in restaurants. I’m a homey soul with a hankering for the easy, warm comfort at home. To me, nothing beats gathering around the family dining table with its water rings stained on wood, well-used serveware and noisy clinking of glasses, best enjoyed with a family pet at your feet yearning for a share of the reunion feast!

Stay home and spruce up your table for the Spring Festival with The Soup Spoon’s CNY menu!

Thus, it’s a personal mission for me to bring the reunion back home! We are commited to make The Spring Table a fuss-free yet beautiful one for you! We have curated a menu filled with labour-intensive and nutrient-rich stocks and dishes, designed for lavish yet wholesome feasting. For maximum convenience, we have Starter Kits and bundles, even a luxurious Pen Cai (盆菜) set for those who love a traditional braised feast! Or go a la carte and select your new year favourites!

Our topselling soup stocks!

Fancy a pen cai to herald in the new year?

Either way, it’s easy to deck your spring table in a most classy, modern fashion with our menu. Bubble up your hotpot, serve up the food as they are delivered or transfer them to your shiny serveware, add some new year fresh blooms and cheer loudly to a year of abundance! Our SouperChef Specials are also a treasury of Asian traditions and flavours, so you can slowly sip to the spring vibes from around the world! May the Year of the Dog bring you incredible joy and harmony, may your Spring Table overflow with rich blessings, great food and souper memories!

Your Spring Table is going to look splendid with these Hae Bee Hiam cookies!


CNY2018 SouperChef Specials




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  • Sham

    As a vegetarian and a huge soup spoon fan, I was disappointed that there weren’t any vegetarian CNY soup specials. As a clean eating and healthy establishment, I was surprised to see the omission of a vegetarian special. Needless to say, even though I am a regular at soup spoon, I hardly frequented Soup Spoon in the month of Feb due to the lack of a vegetarian special.


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