SouperChef Anna’s Message | Be Fit and Fab 2018

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Be Fit and Fab 2018

How was your Chinese New Year? I have come to a reluctant acceptance that no matter how resolute I am in eating right and light during the festivities, the new year cheer almost always means piling on the calories! One steamboat feast on one day, another pen cai meal on another. One pineapple tart at home, another love letter offered to you. It all adds up, and before you know it, it’s time for another gathering.

So this March, post-holidays, let us recalibrate and weave in some nourishment and movement to Be Fit and Fab!

Don’t get me wrong though — it’s not about starving yourself or going on a restrictive fad diet. Rather, it’s about using good whole foods as a straightforward approach to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s about eating conscientiously, deliciously and practically so you will be less likely to cave in to cravings. I’ve carefully curated this month’s SouperChef Specials for a hearty yet healthy way to readjust our post-festivities bodies. These SouperChef Specials are, as always, full of natural and delicious goodness: whole foods for the rewarding balance of macros and micros, unprocessed ingredients because we care about what goes into our bodies, and every bowl is made with time-honoured recipes from diverse cultures for a tastier take on simple ingredients. Some are even gluten-free!

So here you go, your arsenal of soup meals that will fuel you to Be Fit and Fab! We have even prepared our bestseller 14-Pack Souper Trooper plans to be given to 5 Lucky Draw winners! And of course, the ‘fit’ in ‘fit and fab’ can only come about with some working out, so don’t forget to stay rich in hydration with adequate exercise and beauty sleep!




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