SouperChef Anna’s Message | Asian SouperFoods

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Asian SouperFoods

Every now and then, I have the privilege of being the recipient of sweet emails from customers, thanking us for helping them to eat healthily with ease and variety. And as we corresponded further, the topic of superfoods would inadvertently be raised. This buzzword ‘superfood’ has no official scientific definition, but suffice to say, superfoods are nutrient-dense and amazing sources of minerals, vitamins and other substances that shield our body from diseases and even keep our body weight in control. With the increasing emphasis on holistic health and wellness, superfoods are alluring to many, but also elusive to some. After all, in Asia, it isn’t all that easy and affordable to spruce our everyday meals with verdant bundles of kale, and eating bowls of hemp seeds isn’t quite the common thing to do either!


Souper K Mussel Chowder (Gojuchang Kimchi Mussel Chowder), featuring our Asian souperfoods, kimchi and gojuchang!

So I thought, perhaps we could shine the spotlight on Asian superfoods! The East Asian diet (think Korea and Japan) has long being known for being a key contributor to the citizens’ longevity. Kimchi, goji berries and miso etc are deeply rooted in traditions and used as healing foods in the everyday cuisine. This series of SouperChef Specials is thus an ode to our Asian roots, amplifying the wondrous life-giving properties of our humble Asian ingredients. Besides the healthy and tasty miso, gojuchang and kimchi that you may be more familiar with, expect some pleasant surprises! They don’t just taste extraordinarily good – they are souper healthy to boot! Look out for our social media posts to learn more about these Asian superfoods!

Vegan Nangka Bourguignon, featuring the nangka or jackfruit.

Don’t let superfoods become one of the food fads that fade away as you blink. When you find ways to ingrain them into your everyday eating patterns, you can eat clean easily and in a sustainable manner, and enjoy the goodness they bring to your body. For this reason, we are also including these SouperChef Specials in Souper Life, our soup meal subscription programme, so you will have plenty of healthy, hearty options to feed your body with! So journey with us this April. We promise you these Asian superfoods will not disappoint!

Chicken Mulligatawny, featuring turmeric as the Asian souperfood!

This month, we are also going to be voting for your favourite SouperChef Specials to make a comeback this June, because we are turning 15 and it’s all thanks to YOU! Check out our Facebook page for more details on the Souper Fans’ Choice Awards 2017! Love from the world, to our kitchen, to you!


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