Souperchef Anna’s Message | Be Fit and Fab 2017 Round 1

SouperChef Anna’s Message | Be Fit and Fab 2017

tss-ff-batchWhen I sat down to write this message, I couldn’t quite keep still! This is a campaign I have a soft spot for, and we have so many plans in the pipeline that I’m squirming a little in excitement! Like many of you, I’ve feasted in the festive offerings of homemade snacks, homecooked dishes and all that the holidays have to offer. And in my line, you know how food tastings and recipe testings are always ongoing too. This campaign is a reminder, a loud one, to always treat my body right. The basics always apply. Eat real food, exercise regularly, drink enough water, and sleep well. While it all sounds easy, we are also all too familiar with how inevitably things crop up to derail our good plans!

So, here’s what The Soup Spoon is here for! We have prepared two rounds of SouperChef Specials, six wholesome soups with my own unique spin on recipes using only the best ingredients I can find, to create vibrant soups that are not only delicious but also a treat and cleanse for your body. We’ve also partnered with fitness and lifestyle forerunner, GYMMBOXX, to bring you prizes and giveaways like gym membership passes and gym bags to make fitness your way of life!

That’s not all. My team is planning something exciting for #SouperLiving, an enhanced, enlivened version of our original #SouperDiet, so more of you can join us on board to soup up to healthy, to weight loss, to a stronger yet lighter body! Keep watching our space on Facebook and Instagram! For now, we leave you with the hearty goodness of our #TSSBFF SouperChef Specials. Be Fit and Fab!


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