Souper Diet | Soup Cleanse and Why It Works

Hello again! It’s the end of Week 4 of my Souper Diet! You’re going to see many exclamation marks in this post because I’m really feeling charged up! LOL! This is my third time embarking on a full 28-Day Souper Diet Programme, and I can tell you for sure, I’ve never ever felt better! Before I share more, here are my results after 28 days:

Weight -6.5kg
% Fat -4.7%
Muscle Mass +2%
Total Body Water +3.4%
BMI -2.7
Waistline -3.2inches

And since a picture says a thousand words, here’s a comparison of me on the 1st day of the programme and on the 28th day! (On a side note, I’m really loving our office building lift for the functionality of a full mirror! LOL.)


Very thankful for the Souper Diet and what it has done for my body! My most significant loss has got to be around my waist! 🙂

Over the 28 days, I find myself more assured of quality calories as compared to times when I have to eat out and left wondering about the nutrients I’m getting and the empty calories I may be consuming! The Souper Diet is calorie-controlled, portion-controlled, and does not compromise on my dietary needs, as compared to many fad diets out in the market. While the jury is still out there on detox programmes and cleanses, no nutritionists or doctors will shun a diet rich in nutrients!

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Even clear soups like our Tokyo Chicken Stew satisfy. All your macronutrients in a bowl!

When we first devised this soup diet / soup cleanse centred around The Soup Spoon’s menu, we wanted to stay true to what health means for us. It’s not about having a popular culture view of a perfectly proportioned body that determines our self worth. It’s not about a non-realistic body frame that is constantly hungry or in need of real food. Rather, it’s about a body that is well-fed with nutrients and a eating lifestyle that is sustainable. We asked ourselves, “Can I eat this way forever?” And we realised a soup diet that is based on ingredients that are nutritious, hormone-free, fresh, lean and responsibly sourced, is a diet we can keep up with for the rest of our lives!

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A diet has got to be sustainable. This souper bowl is packed with nutrition, and that’s what a good diet is all about!

Soups have always been synonymous with nourishment, restoration and warmth, and we are really souper proud of our soup offerings that are nutrient-dense and satisfying. And of course, tasty! We have come clean with our ingredients so you can eat clean. With the calories worked out for you on our Take-Home Soup Packs, you know exactly how much and what you are putting into your body. Keeping to the portion of one Take-Home Soup Pack per meal really goes a long way in curbing hunger pangs and making your calories count!

I can go on and on about how this soup diet / soup cleanse has worked out great for me and many others, but nothing beats feeling the goodness for yourself. Give yourself the privilege of feeding your body right. As always, email me or check out our Instagram feed @thesoupspoonsg or @souperchefanna!

I leave you with a picture of the soup I’m going to enjoy right now! 🙂

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And you can have a happy cuppa along with it!

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