Souper Diet | Lose Weight Fast And Fun in Week 2

Hello again! It’s been a week of long hours due to our store openings in NTU and Punggol Waterway Point and I’m nothing but thankful for the soupport from my staff and customers. The weigh-in at week 2 has spurred me on further! 3.9kg down since I started The Souper Diet two weeks ago! I’ve had a few late meals due to the lunch time crunch at the stores, but I’ve not been missing meals, and the kilos shed off nicely still. I’m souper stoked by the results from this Souper Diet!

We really want the Souper Diet to be sustainable for you, so the kilos can stay off and the clean eating habits stay on. Here are some of what keeps me going, and I hope they work for you too!



Many weight loss websites will advise against weighing daily, as there is a strong tendency to obsess over the figures on the scale and feeling demotivated should we not see the numbers we want. My personal experience, and my friends’ too, are quite the contrary though! The daily weighing should be a realistic one, i.e. you should not be expecting dramatic weight loss overnight! Keeping this in mind, the daily weigh-in will be a good indicator of your progress in the Souper Diet. Weigh yourself daily in the morning, after you have moved your bowels. Celebrate with a little dance and a nice breakfast each time you see the figures drop, never mind if it’s only 0.1kg. Every little bit counts! This isn’t a competition, and you don’t need to answer to anyone but your own body. My husband and I share our progress every day. The lucky man loses weight as easily as he puts on, so it’s always interesting to note his progress and compare it (healthily) to mine. I can’t stress this enough – the Souper Diet is best done with friends and family!



Souper Diet Thermos Flasks Blog

Souper Dieting together with friends and our Thermos flasks!

Check out our Thermos flasks party! Dieting is always so much more fun and effective when you do it in a group! On Sundays when we meet, it’s always quite the sight when we flash out our flasks and peep into what’s inside. More often than not, we will have chosen different soups and can even share our soup meals! I love how in a group, there is heightened solidarity in keeping to the diet, and even tips to stay in tip-top condition! Some of us have a bottle of water with chia seeds, while others heat up only half a pack, consuming the other half at tea in case of hunger pangs. Whichever way, soup meals are decidedly straightforward, easy to transport and make for easy vacuum flask parties! We like the Thermos flasks so much we’ve included them in the Souper Diet Programme! Get yours for free when you sign up for the Souper Diet now!



Souperdiet 9

A simple but lovely ‘bowling’ makes a good meal even more comforting!

As you can easily tell from my Instagram gallery, I love food styling! Even when I eat alone, I like to dress up my bowls and plates so the meal is a little fancier, even when food is simple. Pick your favourite bowl, or if you are in the office, get a nice microwavable bowl (we recommend the Systema noodle bowl that we’ve included in the Souper Diet programme!), and savour the soup slowly. You can’t quite wolf down hot soups, so take the chance to sit down and slow down to soup. You deserve that bit of time to yourself! Eating slowly helps in digestion, reduces bloatedness, and you are less likely to consume more than you should! Between the few of us on the Souper Diet now, we have quite a few lovely table setups!

Souper DIet Blog Week 2 bowl

Enjoy your soup with a cup of tea!

Week 2’s over. I’ll share more very soon! Tell me, what would you like to know about the Souper Diet? 🙂

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