The wonderful thing about not being back in Perth for six years is that catching up with family and friends is made more precious than usual. Time indeed flies so fast when you’re having fun! March is one of the best times to come to Perth with good weather and plentiful seasonal produce.

Vegetables that were at its peak during our visit were beetroots, cauliflower, mushrooms, apples and pears. One particular vegetable that I was immediately smitten with was the beautiful, deep red beets. So smitten, I made up a beet salad which consisted of goat’s cheese, mint, fig and cherry tomatoes.

Baby beets salad

Baby beets mixed with heirloom tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper


The inspiration: beets, fig, and goat’s cheese

Baby beet, salad, perth

This looks extremely fake, I assure you they can all be eaten!

I was so hooked and couldn’t get enough of this wonderfully versatile vegetable, hence inspiring me to whip up a soup creation. Here, I roasted the beetroot with red apples and fresh herbs and then paired it with fennel and feta cheese, lentils, celeriac and button mushrooms. The creation birthed a rich and wonderfully complex combination, which is definitely best shared with a BFF over happy and meaningful conversations.

Beetroot, fennel, fet cheese soup

My version of the B.F.F with a worthy trio of beets, fennel and feta cheese

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