Sourdough Whole Cakes

Raising Audrey, our own sourdough starter, and adding it to our handcrafted cakes certainly makes them better-for-me treats. We use acidity from the sourdough to work its magic by adding lift and texture to the batter, resulting in a fluffy and tender base with the most delicate crumb. Our flavouring ingredients are derived from all-natural sources to work in harmony with the leavening agents, yielding honest-to-goodness flavours that taste as good as how our cakes look. An 8-inch round will yield between 10 to 12 servings.

How to care for your sourdough cake:

Our sourdough cakes taste best fresh! Store cake in Anna’s gift box or an airtight container in the chiller compartment of the refrigerator and consume within three (3) days from date of delivery.

How to pre-order:

Please approach our friendly staff at the retail counter or slide us a DM on Instagram to pre-order!

Matcha Rose

Treat your nearest and dearest to a slice of love with this
heavenly pairing of light matcha and sweet rose. Made with
sourdough to boot for a gift-worthy treat.


Hojicha Sesame

Light hojicha tea sourdough sponge layered with a smoky
sesame ganache for a sophisticated sweet celebratory


Earl Grey Burnt Honey

The lightness of bergamot beautifully balanced with the
sweetness of burnt honey makes for the most delicate
sourdough cake experience.


Black Forest with Cocoa Nibs

Expect the classic layers of airy sourdough chocolate
sponge and plump morello cherries with the delightful
crunch of cocoa nibs. Timeless & made “Better For Me”.


Chocolate Pear

Rich dark chocolate sponge topped and tamed with sweet
pears for a modern, elegant update of sourdough goodness.


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