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Annas-eCommerce-Orange Lychee Cooler-eMenu

Orange Lychee Cooler

Sip of spring, sourdough style! 

Sourdough starter Audrey, green tea, elderflower cordial, orange, lychee


Annas Web Pink Mint Kiosk 900x600

Pink Mint

Sourdough starter Audrey, elderflower cordial, mint leaves, blueberries


Annas Website Hibiscus Bliss Kiosk 900x600

Hibiscus Bliss

Sourdough starter Audrey, hibiscus tea, elderflower cordial, blueberries, mint leaves


Annas Golden Sunrise eMenu

Golden Sunrise

Sourdough starter Audrey, green tea, lemon slices, mint leaves



Annas Website Heart Beat Kiosk 900x600

Heart Beat

Sourdough starter Audrey, soy milk, natural yoghurt, Granny Smith apples, kale, celery, dragon fruit, flax seeds, dates


Annas Website Queen Green Kiosk 900x600

Queen Green 

Sourdough starter Audrey, soy milk, natural yoghurt, Granny Smith apples, kale, celery, avocado, flax seeds, dates



Annas Hot Chai Tea eMenu

Hot Chai Latte

Linger in the warming spices and milky depth of our housemade chai latte.


Annas Iced Chai Tea eMenu

Iced Chai Latte

A refreshing housemade blend—deliciously mellow with a subtle spice punch.


Annas Iced Dirty Chai Tea eMenu

Iced Dirty Chai Latte

When spices meets coffee, it’s a sensational treat—bold and deep, creamy and earthy.


Annas Babyccino Kiosk 439x300


Silky smooth frothed milk topped with cocoa powder dusting.


Annas Coffee Espresso eMenu


Chocolatey and cherry notes

Reg $3.5  |  Lrg $4.5

Annas Coffee Long Black eMenu

Long Black

Double shot espresso with hot water


Annas Coffee Iced Black eMenu

Iced Black

Double shot espresso with ice and water


Annas Beverage Hot Latte Flat White Butterscotch 02_eMenu

Flat White

Espresso with blend of micro-foam milk

Reg $5  |  Lrg $6

Annas Beverage Hot Mocha & Chocolate_eMenu

Hot Chocolate

Made with Callebaut chocolate


Annas Beverage Hot Mocha & Chocolate_eMenu


Espresso with hot milk and Callebaut chocolate


Annas Beverage Hot Latte Flat White Butterscotch 02_eMenu

Anna’s Butterscotch Latte

Stay toasty with our festive latte made with housemade golden butterscotch, single shot espresso & velvety milk


Annas Beverage Hot Matcha_02_eMenu

Matcha Latte

Unsweetened matcha with hot milk


Annas Coffee Iced Latte eMenu

Iced Flat White


Annas Coffee Iced Chocolate eMenu

Iced Chocolate


Annas Coffee Iced Chocolate eMenu

Iced Mocha


Annas Coffee Iced Matcha Latte eMenu

Iced Matcha Latte


Option to change milk to:

Coconut Milk / Oat Milk / Soy Milk +$1


By Gryphon Tea Co.

Annas Tea Earl Grey eMenu

Earl Grey with Lavender


Annas Tea British Breakfast eMenu

British Breakfast


Annas Tea Aromatheraphy eMenu

Aromatherapy In A Cup

Lemon Verbena, Rose Hip & Mulberry (Naturally Caffeine-Free)


Annas Tea Bullseye eMenu


Yerba Mate, GABA Green Tea & Ginseng (Contains Natural Caffeine)


Annas Tea Calming Spirit eMenu

Calming Spirit

Chamomile, Rose Hip & Juniper Berry (Naturally Caffeine-Free)


Annas Tea Miracle Day eMenu

Miracle Day™

Moringa Leaf, GABA Green Tea & Blackcurrant (Contains Natural Caffeine)


Annas Tea Wonderfull eMenu


Yerba Mate, Ginseng & Passionfruit (Contains Natural Caffeine)


Annas Tea Wonderfull eMenu


GABA Green Tea, Lemon Balm & Pink Rose (Contains Natural Caffeine)


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Marc HaMarc Ha
09:37 14 May 23
Came here on a Sunday at 1145am and we managed to get a table immediately. Service was efficient and the food arrived quickly. The food portions are large and tasty. We had the French onion soup with generous portions of cheese, and the Veggie-All-In was a huge serving. Lovely ambience. Will come back again!
Elizabeth ChowElizabeth Chow
17:02 24 Mar 23
They sell seriously good sourdough bread! It’s not cheap at $24 per loaf but the loaf is gigantic and also very good!You get to try several flavours, before picking your favourite.Sourdough pastas were good too. Very large portions and moreish tasting. Service was excellent. A nice dinner in the heartlands. Will be back for pizzas
SZ LimSZ Lim
13:27 09 Mar 23
The receptionist who greeted us did not tell us that the dinner menu would turn up in their system at 5pm. We arrived before 5pm and was wondering whether they only had bakery stuff and drink available. We had to ask another waitress what happened before we were told.That same receptionist also brought us to our table, and told us that she would bring the baby chair after we have ordered. What kind of service is that? We checked the menu in front of her before decided to tell her that we will be eating here, yet she still did that. To me that's just poor service.Food wise it was relatively good. Definitely above average. We had the soup in sourdough bread, but the bread was on the tough to bite side. Would be better if the bread was softer. Carbonara is definitely a must try.Price was acceptable for the location, vibe, and food, but the service by the receptionist definitely lacking. Maybe just lack of training, or had a bad day.Overall, a good place to try, if we are talking just about the food and environment.
04:54 19 Feb 23
A nice place for brunch. Good options for vegetarians and they are halal too.Seems to be very under staffed. Food is served at different timing for different table. So there will be waiting at table without food. Though shortage of staff, all staff tried their best to deliver the service and product.While in the queue, they offer to sample their sourdough. Thumbs up! Keep you the good job!Should consider to offer sourdough waffles or pancakes 🙂
Winnie LimWinnie Lim
03:12 29 Oct 22
came here specially because it just opened, couldn't help but be a little skeptical when we realised it is opened by the owner of soup spoon. you can see packaged soup spoon soups for sale here. we like soup spoon, just didn't know if we should be expecting soup spoon quality here. we were pleasantly surprised: food was above average though I wouldn't call it mind blowing. my steak and eggs was nicely medium though it could be more charred, I especially loved the black garlic butter that came with the steak. my partner loved her avocado toast – said it was 10/10. I don't really know how to appreciate sourdough but it was definitely tasty and I finished mine that came with the steak even though I wasn't really planning to. there were different types of sourdough for sale, and also some delicious looking pastries. flat white was surprisingly above average too. would rate it 4.5 stars, 0.5 deducted for the broken sunny side up and the char of the steak. also appreciate the alfresco area.

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