SouperChef Anna’s Message | Celebrating 20 Years of Soup

SouperChef’s Message | Celebrating 20 Years of Soup

Dear 2002 Anna, Andrew, Ben + all at The Soup Spoon,

We’ve made it here in 2022, twenty years older and certainly wiser. Thought you might want to hear these and be encouraged!

  • It’s ok that you have more staff than customers at your first outlet at Raffles City. Continue to do what you love and people will come to love it too. Would you believe me if I told you that in 2022, we would have more than 30 stores, including one that specialises in sourdough muffins?
  • Keep giving—your best, your inspirations. Stay true to your no-nasties approach to your creations. You will not run out of inspirations if your food is made with passion.
  • Give thanks. Even when you fail, which you will. But lean into the lows and learn from them.

2022 Anna

With much thanksgiving, allow us to indulge you, our dear customers! We’ve packed party favours, bundles, surprise gift cards in stores and online, all ready for a 20th anniversary party! We’re here because of YOU, so thank you.



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