There’s no doubt about it: Our people are the heart and soul of The Soup Spoon. You’ve worked hard to make others’ tummies full, and we’ve in turn, worked hard to create a job that energizes you and takes care of your needs. We have even more perks beyond what’s here, so come talk to us to find out more!
Souper Structured Career Development Pathways

This is a place where you can grow and be groomed. We believe in promoting from within, and have tuned our training and career advancement pathways with industry and training professionals to help you develop your career here with us. Our training programmes are WSQ-certified, and mentors are assigned to guide you as you serve and lead the teams in The Soup Spoon. With our chains of stores and range of expertise and support required, you can look forward to varied and valuable work experiences designed to suit your skill set and inclination.

Souper Flexible Recruitment Schemes

We know life’s demands and schedules aren’t quite the same for everyone, so we’ve made our recruitment schemes more flexible for you. We are happy if you can commit to us full-time, and we are equally pleased to work with you on a permanent or casual part-time basis. Students, homemakers, retirees, pioneer generation, persons with disabilities, we have something suitable for everyone. Speak with us to find a scheme that will fit you perfectly!

• Full-Time Staff | 6 days / week  

• Permanent Part-Time Staff | 5 days / week  

• Casual Part-Time Staff | Flexible Hours

Souper Medical / Dental Benefits

At The Soup Spoon, we care about eating well, and we also care about your health. We have affiliations with reputable medical and dental care service providers, so you know you’re always taken care of.

Souper Staff Meals and Discount

We’re more than happy to serve you food you’ve been a part of. Take a break, sit back and enjoy our handcrafted soups and meals as part of your staff perks. In addition, enjoy staff discounts on our wholesome food. It’s our little souper way of saying thanks.

Souper Customized Uniforms

It’s modern, it’s chic, it’s functional. And it’s got your name embroidered on it. Because you are a unique part of The Soup Spoon.