Souper Diet | 3 Ways to Lose Weight in Week 1

I have more than survived Week 1 of my Souper Diet in 2016! Some of you may already know that I have embarked on my third Souper Diet on 4th Jan 2016 with my husband and a few friends. The Souper Diet by The Soup Spoon is a 28-day soup-based meal plan designed to help you lose weight without losing nutrients. In short, it’s about slimming down and shaping up with our soups!

No bent or broken New Year’s resolutions. No starving. In fact, I’m so filled up with soups every day I was almost afraid I wouldn’t lose any weight! So I’m souper stoked to report a 1.5kg weight loss just after one week! I’ve also lost 0.3% of fat, gained 0.3% of total muscle mass and 0.3% of total body water! It’s been a hectic week back to work so I haven’t been able to put in the exercise hours, so you can say this Souper Diet has been working souperbly for me!

I’ve still a long way more to go before I shed all my holiday weight, but the results have been so promising and I’m excited to share some tips on how to lose weight fast with this soup diet that we have created!


1. Happy Hour | Satisfy Your Cravings At Breakfasts

I’m not going to lie about having no cravings at all. I’m human after all! LOL. It doesn’t help that I’ve brought back so many goodies from New Zealand and they are all sitting proudly in the pantry waiting for me. The trick here is to satisfy your cravings at breakfasts so you don’t hanker for anything for the rest of the day!

Feel like having something sweet? Make toast, spread some almond or peanut butter on, top with banana slices and shave on some dark chocolate! Hearty, healthy but also quite the sweet treat!

Banana on Toast with Dark Chocolate

Banana on Toast with Dark Chocolate!


Feel like maximising the weight loss these 28 days? Overnight Oats is what I call “oat of this world”! Delicious yet nutrient-dense! Simply stir the ingredients below together and leave it in a jar overnight!

– 1/4 cup rolled oats

– 1/4 cup plain or Greek yoghurt

– 1/3 cup coconut water (I use Just Picked Coco Water because its natural with no sugar added.)

– 1-2 tablespoons chia seeds (Check out Superlife Co‘s bundle deals!)

– Honey or maple syrup to taste

– Fruits of your choice.

I like mine brightly coloured. It’s like eating jewels for breakfast, and befittingly, this is breakfast for royalty!

Souperdiet 7

Overnight oats with coconut water and fruits!


Feel like having something savoury? Rice crips are substantial and mild tasting, so you can pile up anything you want on them for breakfasts! I have mine with mashed avocados sprinkled with black pepper and a dash of lemon juice. You can enjoy them with scrambled/poached eggs with smoked paprika or grilled chicken with corn!


Granola with fruits and avocado on rice crisps!


Feel like fueling up for the day ahead? Go ahead and get a good cuppa! I add Nakula‘s coconut oil to my coffee for that added boost of nutrients. Also because I can’t get enough of the scent of coconut!

The key is not to crave for something so badly that you cave in during lunches and dinners. Enjoy your breakfast and begin the day light and bright!


2. Show and Tell | Let Every One Know You Are On The Souper Diet

Although some people like to hide the fact that they are on a diet, I’m of the opinion that good things should be shared! This Souper Diet is simple, safe and sustainable and the decision to gain control of your health is a wise one. In fact, sharing with every one your weight loss goals and your Souper Diet journey may even spur others on to your cause! Numerous studies show that when your social network supports you, you can reap positive results. One of the easiest ways to make this weight loss Souper Diet work is to embark on the soup diet journey with your buddies!

I’m souper thankful that I get to do the Souper Diet this round with my husband and friends. It’s encouraging, and often amusing, chatting over WhatsApp messages the soups we were having for the day, the steady changes we saw in our bodies, how we crushed cravings together by providing healthier alternatives. Once, a friend badly wanted ice cream and before long, we were chatting about various ways to top blended frozen bananas for that creamy treat without the guilt! I love my support group!

Sure, there will be cheeky saboteurs who will try to tempt you. Laugh it off and entice them instead with your yummy soup meals! LOL! And there’s always our Souper Diet Community on Instagram and on this blog! Email me at if you want to chat or get some soupport!


3. Get Juiced | A little of these sugars won’t hurt

Given the long hours at work I put in every day, I tend to get peckish around 4pm. Sometimes, I may still have a little of the soup I couldn’t finish at lunch. Sometimes, it’s just one of those days you really need a boost of something other than soups. On busy schedules, I often simply fuel up with my Just Picked Coco Water that hydrates with a subtle sweetness, maybe with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice and some chia seeds. But if I do have some time to spare, I love to juice things up! Some coconut water, apples, cucumbers and mint blitzed together might just be the hearty concoction you need. Or if you have a cold-presser, go for a green-based blend of kale, spinach, orange and coconut water. May the brilliantly hued drink with its added vitamins and bright taste perk up your mid-day!

I’m feeling really good now and so looking forward to more weight loss while slurping up the soups. This week, I get to enjoy the New Year New You Souper Inspirations as part of my Souper Diet! My current favourite is this Spicy Salmon Miso Jjigae that I can eat every day. I can’t wait to share more soon.

Week 2, I’m ready.

Spicy Salmon Miso Jjigae

Spicy Salmon Miso Jjigae


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